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        About us

        Shanghai Furuihe Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is the brother company of Yiyuan Ruifeng Polymer Co., Ltd who is the largest company of Acrylic Impact Modifiers and Processing Aids in China.
        Furuihe Chemical Established in 2006, it is a state-level Hi-tech Enterprise with over 100 total staff and employees, of which 20 are senior technicians making up 20% of the total.

        The company is mainly in the business of researching & developing, manufacturing and sales of Epoxidized Soyben Oil, Ac Blowing Agent,Large Granule Oxygen,Sodium Perachbonate,DOA…... It is the large company of Epoxidized Soyben Oil, Ac Blowing Agent in China. The leading products of the company are: Epoxidized Soyben Oil (12,000 ton/yr), Ac Blowing Agent (10,000ton/yr), Large Granule Oxygen (10,000 ton/yr) and Sodium Perachbonate(10,000ton/yr),DOA(8,000ton/yr) . These products are widely used in PVC and Rubber products etc.



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        Contact person:Li Baoliang (manager)


        Cell phone:13589588669


        Address:No. 3 Beiqing Road, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong

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